The Celica Advantage

We are passionate about Quality and Timeliness. We value our relationship with the customers who we believe are like our own family members. Our team of doctors offer quality diagnosis ensuring a happier and healthier life for our patients. Improving quality of lives is our main motto. The following pointers differentiate us from the rest.

State of the Art Diagnostics

At Celica Healthcare, we are focussed on bringing in the Best-in-Class Medical Equipment and Devices and employ best practices in pathology, radiology. We offer exemplary hospitality, quality, and consistency in our services across centres.

Radiology & Pathology

We offer Radiology and pathology services, convenient to customers as a ‘one stop shop’ for their medical needs.

New age reporting

At a click of a button, our patients get detailed reports/ analysis to formulate a detailed treatment plan.

Exceptional TAT

Majority of the reports are available within a few hours. We understand the need for urgent and most accurate reports helping in faster cure.

Speciality Tests

We offer unique and advanced speciality tests at affordable prices.

Home sample collection

We offer Home Collection of Samples when booked through Toll-Free Number/ Website. Report is shared digitally or can be collected from our centres as well.

Homecare Service

We offer Home Care for patients through providing trained attendants, setting up ICU and Hospitals at home, Home Vaccination facility. We also provide X Ray and ECG at home.


Physiotherapy is done through trained manpower at centre/ home.